Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents


Vancouver mot*orcycle accident Because of the fact that motorcycles offer virtually no protection to the operator and passengers, when they are involved in accidents the resulting injuries are often very serious. Besides this lack of protection, riders are not seat belted as they are into other motor vehicles, and therefore they can be that much [...]

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Legal Theory in Traffic Accident Cases


In this article, a Vancouver car accident lawyer addresses the role of legal theory and how it establishes the requisites for a traffic accident claim and subsequent litigation. Building a Case for the Victim Negligence is at the heart and soul of a traffic accident. The person driving the other car either did something to [...]

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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents


Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds are dangerous. It should come as no surprise, though, that no other vehicle is more dangerous to operate than a motorcycle. This is in large part because motorcycles can drive at speeds as fast as automobiles, and, by their design, they offer virtually no protection to the rider. Another [...]

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All about Motorcycle Accidents


A Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that motorcycle accidents often involve more serious injuries than other types of auto accidents due to the lack of protection that is around motorcycle riders at the point of impact. Additionally, Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers can explain that this fact can wind up providing additional compensation to the [...]

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Defense Strategies in Car or Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits


As a Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer knows there are several ways a defendant may react to a motorcycle or car accident lawsuit. In general, the responses fall into one of three categories: You did not really get injured in the collision. The crash was somebody else’s fault. You are either completely or partially to blame for [...]

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What Is the Value of My Personal Injury Case?


If you are wondering about the potential value of your personal injury Case, a Vancouver PI Attorney can assess the information and provide you with a professional analysis. There are two main factors to consider when analyzing your case: Liability Comparative Negligence Liability In regards to liability, a Vancouver PI Attorney advises that the strength [...]

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