Vancouver Motorcycle Accident LawyerIf you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact your Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you through the case. During your case, you may wonder who has settlement authority. In most cases, the defense lawyer will have more settlement authority than they will tell you about. The defense lawyer will tell you that they need to get authorization from the insurance carrier to settle the case, however they have more power when it comes to settlements. The defense lawyer works for the insurance carrier, so they will do their best to save them money. If you are wondering how much authority the defense lawyer has, have your motorcycle accident lawyer ask them what they really think the case is worth. Based on the circumstances, the damages, and the nature of the liability in your case, your motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to get anywhere from 50-100% more on your settlement amount.

Defense Lawyers and Insurance Carriers

Defense lawyer firms are employed by the insurance carriers and do their best to either have a winning verdict or save the insurance carrier as much money as possible. The insurance carrier will not want to build a relationship with you or your motorcycle accident lawyer. The insurance carrier will not jump through hoops in order to make sure that your settlement amount is top dollar. However, the stronger your accident case is, the more the insurance carrier may settle for. If it seems likely that you will get a strong verdict in your favor, the insurance carrier may pay top dollar for your settlement. If your accident case is considered to be a small one, it may be easier to just settle with the insurance carrier rather than let the case go to litigation. Litigation can often take a few years worth of depositions, discovery, and going in front of a jury all for a few thousand extra dollars in your settlement.

Contact a Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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