Top Rated Boating Accident Attorney in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver Boating Accident AttorneyHave you or a loved one been injured during a boating accident in the State of Washington? If so, you aren’t alone. In 2020, there were 5,625 boating accidents in the United States. 

A boat crash can be a life-changing event for all parties involved. Especially someone who has suffered injuries because of the negligent conduct of another person.

Read on to learn why you need to hire a boating accident attorney to protect your rights after a boating accident!

Understanding of Washington Civil Law

Bringing a claim against another party is part of the Washington civil legal system. Civil law is distinct from criminal law. That’s because in civil law, a party is seeking the payment of damages for another one’s actions. 

Your Vancouver boating accident attorney must know about Washington civil law and procedure. Don’t try handling your personal injury claims without one!

A Powerful Advocate for Your Interests

When you want boating accident compensation in Vancouver, an attorney can be a great advocate for you. A lawyer’s legal knowledge and training will help them push your claims forward against the parties. 

A civil case may last months or years, and having an attorney will be important to navigating the civil legal world. 

Experience Dealing With Insurance Companies

It’s not unusual for a party (or parties) in a boating accident to be represented by counsel through a party’s insurance policy. Insurance companies are large businesses with deep pockets. As a layperson, it can be a challenge to go up against an insurance company with financial and legal resources. 

An attorney that regularly takes boating, car accident and other personal injury cases will know an insurance company’s approach to these claims and how that works for or against you. 

Gifted Trial Attorneys

If the parties cannot resolve a dispute at mediation or during discovery, your lawsuit will be set for trial. These can take place before a judge or a jury of your peers who will have the task of deciding what, if any, compensation you will receive. 

When this situation arises, you need a gifted trial attorney to present the facts in the light most favorable to you. An attorney’s performance at arbitration or trial can make a difference in your case. It can also impact how another party defends against your claims.

Picking Your Vancouver Boating Accident Attorney

Picking your Vancouver boating accident attorney is an action you should take as soon as you can after the incident. Avoid speaking to the other side or their insurance company before contacting a lawyer. 

At Etengoff Pak Law Group – Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney, we are experienced personal injury attorneys representing clients throughout the State of Washington. We will work together with you after a boating accident or car crash to ensure your rights are protected, justice is served and you are fairly compensated for your injuries!