Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyerA Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that motorcycle accidents often involve more serious injuries than other types of auto accidents due to the lack of protection that is around motorcycle riders at the point of impact. Additionally, Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers can explain that this fact can wind up providing additional compensation to the motorcycle accident victim, because damages are directly related to the extent of the injuries that victims suffer.

Question of Liability

Your Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by automobiles. Passenger vehicle drivers often experience difficulty seeing motorcycles due to their smaller frame. Additionally, passenger vehicle drivers may commit some error that results in the accident, such as turning into their lane without signalling or looking.

General Negligence Guidelines

A Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney can explain that every driver has the legal duty to exercise reasonable care when he or she is driving. This means that every individual must obey traffic laws, drive in a cautious manner and not exceed the speed limit. If an individual breaches this duty of care, he or she may be found to be negligence. Vancouver motorcycle accident attorneys often allege that a driver was negligent when his acts or omissions caused another individual to be injured.

Suits against Motorcyclists

In some cases, the motorcycle driver is directly responsible for the accident. When the motorcyclist does not exercise reasonable care and causes the accident, the person in the other vehicle may choose to bring forth a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Additionally, if the motorcyclist had a passenger, the passenger may file his or her own claim against the negligent motorcyclist.

Statutes of Limitation

Every personal injury lawsuit carries with it a certain statute of limitation regarding how long a person has to bring forth a claim. Motorcycle accidents are no exception. Generally, you have three years to bring forth a claim to recover damages for the injuries that you sustained. A lawyer can help prepare a complaint so that you will not forfeit your right to sue.

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