Vancouver Personal Injury AttorneyYour Vancouver personal injury attorney will help you understand all the important factors when you file a claim after a motorcycle accident. One important fact our attorneys will tell you is that insurance for a motorcycle is highly specified. In general, a motorcyclist who does not have the correct insurance coverage will have limited options following an accident. This is especially relevant in states that have no-fault insurance as you could end up having to pay for everything yourself if the other vehicle’s driver does not have insurance.

Your Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney Will Stress the Importance of Accident Reports and Medical Care

If you are capable, accrue as much information as possible. Take pictures of the scene, find witnesses, and get their names. If you cannot get the information yourself, try to have someone who is at the scene do it. Contact the police. They will write an accident report and investigate. Receiving medical care is important not just for your injuries, but for the Vancouver personal injury attorney to have the medical records. You might have physical and psychological problems that you didn’t realize were present. Since motorcycle riders are so vulnerable, any injuries could have long-term ramifications. The insurance company must be informed of the accident as soon as possible. Insurers have rules when filing a claim and failing to do so in the proper time frame could ruin any chance of recovering damages.

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