Vancouver wrongful death lawyer Car Running Over BicycleIf you are wondering about the potential value of your personal injury Case, a Vancouver PI Attorney can assess the information and provide you with a professional analysis.

There are two main factors to consider when analyzing your case:

  • Liability
  • Comparative Negligence


In regards to liability, a Vancouver PI Attorney advises that the strength of your case depends upon proving the negligence of the defendant. When the liability of the defendant is perfectly clear, then your settlement value will be higher. However, if your chances of winning are roughly 50% or less due to a weaker liability, then your case value will be reduced. A Vancouver PI Lawyer estimates that a greater than or equal to 90% chance of winning is considered excellent for increasing your case value. A 60% chance of winning is considered fair, and up to 50% or lower is in the bad or not good range.

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence, according to a Vancouver PI Attorney, is when your own negligence may have played a factor in the cause of your injuries. The more comparative negligence, the less you will recover in your settlement. Some jurors might believe that you should not recover anything if you were at all negligent. Some jurors might believe that even being at the accident is cause for comparative negligence. For example, a plaintiff in a case could be just sitting at an intersection and get rear ended, and this would be considered comparative negligence. Other examples of cases where comparative negligence can be found include motorcycle cases and slip-and-fall cases.

How Much Compensation Should You Ask for After Being Injured in an Accident?

Putting a final figure on the amount you need to recover financially from your accident can be difficult. You have probably suffered so much that putting a number on it seems impossible. However, your Vancouver PI Attorney will work with you to gather the documented costs and lost wages that you have incurred and get an accurate figure for your compensation.

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