Vancouver Personal Injury LawyerYour Vancouver personal injury lawyer will explain how different insurance companies use various strategies when handling a claim.

Mid-Sized Insurance Companies Use a Different Approach Than Larger Companies

A Vancouver personal injury lawyer is familiar with how reasonable, mid-sized insurance companies deal with claims as opposed to larger companies. For example, if an insurance company spends a lot of money on advertising promoting its low prices and great claims service, it is likely that they will be conservative when it comes to paying claims. That is how they are able to pay for their prominent advertising presence. If you do not see a large amount of advertising, your case will probably be settled reasonably without having to go through with a lawsuit. Some of these carriers are regional while others are national. These insurance companies will have a better reputation for settling cases without going to court. They prefer to have mediation instead of lawsuits. It is also likely that they will take the strength of the plaintiff’s case into account rather than nitpick its tenets.

Your Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Will Be Familiar with the Different Tactics of Adjusters

The claims adjusters for a mid-sized insurer will be significantly different from the adjusters who work for the larger companies. A Vancouver personal injury lawyer will be aware of the different approaches that must be used depending on the carrier. Failing to account for the business model of the insurer might result in misreading the adjuster’s intent. An attorney might decide to draw a line in the sand when negotiating when it is not necessary to do so. One particular situation highlights how a mid-sized, reasonable insurance claims adjuster works and how easily the methods can be misunderstood. The attorney worked on a case for several months and sent the adjuster a demand package. After waiting for thirty days and not receiving a reply, he sent a brief letter to the adjuster. Another thirty days went by and there was no response. The lawyer began making phone calls to the adjuster but could not get ahold of her. After ninety days, the lawyer filed a lawsuit. In addition to the filing, the lawyer sent another letter to the adjuster with a copy of the Complaint indicating that a settlement was still possible. The adjuster then called him back and asked for a meeting to discuss this particular case and others they were working on. She apologized for the delay and they were able to discuss how they view personal injury cases. By the time they concluded their meeting, the adjuster made reasonable settlement offers on all the cases they were dealing with. This particular adjuster is frequently late to reply, but when she does it will include a reasonable offer.

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