Vancouver personal injury law office GavelAs you progress through your claim, the Vancouver personal injury law office can explain the pitfalls of the stages that you will be confronting. One subject that the Vancouver personal injury law office that is representing you may warn you about is the “final offer.”

Withdrawing Offer

In some situations, the defendant may state that there is a very brief time limit on your acceptance. However, your Vancouver personal injury law office can explain that this time limit is often a bluff because the value of your claim should remain about the same as time passes. Additionally, your Vancouver personal injury lawyer can explain that an adjuster that withdraws an offer may be inviting litigation from arising. Once a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company will be in the position to hire its own Vancouver personal injury law office to defend the claim. This, in turn, will likely result in the insurance company having to expend more fees for the legal defense than paying the claim would have required.


Your Vancouver personal injury lawyer may be able to convince the insurance adjuster of the consequences that can result by withdrawing the offer or not settling the claim. For example, the insurance company would probably have to incur substantial legal fees. Additionally, the claim would be one more file that will burden the adjuster.

Before settling and signing away your legal rights, you are advised to consult a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney who has been successful in litigating injury lawsuits.

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