Vancouver PI Lawyer One of the central issues that your Vancouver PI lawyer may explain about your case is how your claim is handled by the insurance company. For example, your Vancouver PI attorney might tell you that a file will usually be established by the insurance company that represents the person, business or entity that injured you after it receives notification from your Vancouver PI lawyer regarding the claim. Then, a claims adjuster is assigned to the case. Additionally, different individuals might be assigned to the case as it works its way through the process.


The Vancouver PI lawyer who represents you may also inform you about the likely investigation that the insurance company may conduct into the case. The adjuster responsible for the case may attempt to determine the following:

    • The identity of the individual who is responsible for the accident
    • Whether the victim was comparatively negligent for the accident
    • Any potential eyewitnesses
    • The accident scene location
    • The existence and contents of police reports and reports by other investigatory agencies

Medical Information

Another aspect of the investigation that your Vancouver PI attorney may explain to you is the acquisition of medical records. Your Vancouver PI lawyer might submit medical reports to the insurance company to establish your damages. Medical information may include receipts for prescription medicine, hospital bills and other medical bills. Additionally, a claims manager may ask for information pertaining to your lost wages.

Validity of Your Claim

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you may be confused about how you can prove that your claim is valid. There are specific steps that you can take which will be effective in convincing the insurer to pay you compensation for your injuries. Watch this video to learn how, and to learn more, talk to a Vancouver PI Lawyer.

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