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No Up-Front Fees Or Costs Are Paid To Our Law Firm
Our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless we win your case. Your attorney fees and costs are paid out of your settlement proceeds at the end of the case.

L Wells


Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer   5 Star Rating: It became obvious to me early on that I wasn't comfortable dealing with insurance companies and medical bills on my own. I contacted Loren and he was wonderful in the way he reassured me and kept me informed, handled all those details (and there are many!) [...]

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Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer   5 Star Rating: I have had the pleasure of working with the Etengoff Pak Law Group. Prior to obtaining their assistance with my case, I felt lost, scared and saw no end to my situation. Both Mr. Etengoff and his team were extremly professional and very helpful; having them [...]


Colleen Wright


Contact Washington Accident Attorney   5 Star Rating: Loren helped my daughter after she was rear-ended in her truck. She sustained a back injury which caused her to be off work as a Landscaper for a while. Loren advised and counseled her every step of the way and made sure she received compensation for time [...]

Colleen Wright2014-07-16T00:04:13+00:00

A Google User


Contact Vancouver Injury Claims Lawyer   5 Star Rating: My experience with Loren and his team was top notch. They handled my case with the utmost professionalism and care. They kept me informed of the status on a regular basis, worked with non-responsive parties to get the information needed, and worked efficiently to reach a [...]

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Contact Vancouver Personal Injury   5 Star Rating: Loren and everyone in the office are good people and they will look out for you. His advice is sound and you will be treated well. Call him!

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W. R.


Contact Vancouver Injury Attorney "Loren is an excellent attorney and runs a very efficient and effective office with a loyal and dedicated staff."

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Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney   "I liked being able to speak directly to him whenever I needed to. He kept me informed “in the loop” throughout the proceedings of my case. I was allowed to make informed decisions, but Loren was there when I needed his expertise. Loren worked with me at my comfort [...]




Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney "Loren far exceeded my expectations for the outcome of my case. I would recommend him to others. I was very happy with the results of my case."




Contact Vancouver Accident Lawyer "After my accident, I was not interested in retaining a lawyer, but I was encouraged by my Doctor to at least meet with a lawyer. Loren was absolutely wonderful, providing me guidance and support through the entire process. Loren does what is best for the client, not what is best for [...]


Do I need an attorney?


Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney   Every claim does not require an attorney. However, anyone who has been injured or has a dispute with an insurance company can benefit from speaking with an attorney. Injury and insurance law is complex and if you have not dealt with medical and legal issues and insurance companies, by [...]

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Can I afford an attorney?


Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claim Personal Injury claims are one of the few areas of law where anyone can afford to hire an attorney. It is understood that most people cannot afford to come up with a large amount of money to pay to an attorney. This is why the [...]

Can I afford an attorney?2014-05-14T18:03:28+00:00

Who is responsible for paying my medical bills?


 The insurance company for the party responsible for the injury has no legal obligation to pay your bills as they are being incurred. They will only make payment on your bills and other expenses when your case is settled.  It is essential that you have a competent legal representation of Vancouver Injury Lawyer from the [...]

Who is responsible for paying my medical bills?2014-05-07T18:02:33+00:00

When will my case be ready to settle?


Contact Vancouver Injury Lawyer Your case should not be settled until you have reached what is called maximum medical improvement. This means that you have either returned to your pre-injury condition or your doctor says you have a permanent injury and that further treatment will not improve your condition. In most cases, once your case [...]

When will my case be ready to settle?2014-04-30T18:02:09+00:00

What is my claim worth?


Contact Vancouver Injury Claims Attorney Most claims cannot be evaluated until you have finished treating with your doctors. The value of your claim depends upon numerous factors, which are unknown until you have completed your course of treatment. Issues such as future medical expenses, ongoing pain and discomfort, and future limits on employment and recreational [...]

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Will I have to go to court?


Contact Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Most injury cases are settled through negotiations. However, if all reasonable efforts to resolve your case are unsuccessful, a law suit may be the best alternative. In Washington State, most injury victims generally have three years from the date of the accident to settle a claim or file a lawsuit. [...]

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