Vancouver personal injury lawyerAfter waiting for several months or years for your case to go to trial, you may still have a few questions for your Vancouver accident injury lawyer. Here are the frequently asked questions that our Vancouver accident injury lawyer receives from clients after the trial. When Will I be Paid?

If the jury rules in your favor, a Vancouver accident injury lawyer can explain that it typically takes several weeks to finalize the verdict results. This waiting period is so that the final amount can be determined, which your Vancouver accident injury lawyer will explain includes the amount of the verdict, court costs, interest, deductions and legal costs and fees. Additionally, the wait can be longer if the defendant appeals the decision.

What Happens If I Lose?

If you happen to lose your case, your Vancouver accident injury lawyer will converse with you about the possibility of appeal. This process is often timely and expensive. However, your Vancouver personal injury attorney can explain whether this step is best for you or not.

Can I Get a Settlement Even If I Lose?

In many cases, insurance companies do not have an incentive to give you a settlement after they have gone through the expense of litigation. However, in some rare cases, they may be willing to offer a nominal amount to avoid further litigation or having to worry about the decision being reversed down the line.

Before settling and signing away your legal rights, you are best advised to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who has been successful in litigating injury lawsuits.

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