Vancouver WA injury lawyers Judge Holding DocumentsVancouver WA injury lawyers expect to hear certain questions. For example, they are often asked what the value of the victim’s claim is. Additionally, they are accustomed to being asked if the case will settle. The fact that Vancouver WA injury lawyers may convey is that the vast majority of cases do indeed settle. However, there are some cases that proceed to trial. Knowing about both the settlement and litigation process can help plaintiffs make more informed decisions about their cases. If the case is headed for trial, follow these steps.

Participate in Discovery

Vancouver WA injury attorneys can explain that plaintiffs are required to provide certain information during the discovery phase. They may have to answer a series of questions called interrogatories. Additionally, they may be required to answer questions during a deposition in which their testimony is recorded by a court reporter.

Maintain Contact with Your Attorney

It is important that you stay in contact with your Vancouver WA injury lawyers. If your attorney calls, writes or emails you, be sure that you promptly respond. Many aspects of civil cases involve tight deadlines, and your attorney may need specific information from you quickly. If your phone number, address, email, employment status, marital status or injury change, let your lawyer know this information right away.

Gather Evidence

Vancouver WA injury attorneys can gather evidence to help support your case. However, there may be certain evidence that they cannot gather on their own. For example, you may need to sign forms that authorize the release of certain information, such as your medical records. If your attorney asks you to gather certain evidence, comply with this request promptly. Maintain records that help support your damages claim such as medical bills and reports regarding your lost income.

Prepare Evidence

You may also need to prepare certain evidence, such as keeping a log regarding the progression of your injury. Your attorney may also ask you to take certain photographs of the accident scene, the surrounding area or your injuries. Ask for clarification if you do not understand what your attorney is asking you to prepare or how to prepare it.

Be Good

Any misconduct on your part can be used against you during the trial or even during a settlement conference. Avoid any type of illegal activity. Additionally, maintain your job and do not get in any trouble at work.

Lawyer Compensation

When you retain the services of your lawyer, you may sign a contingency fee agreement. This agreement may state that your lawyer is entitled to a larger sum if a lawsuit is required. Due to the time and complexity involved with litigation, your attorney may ask for a higher percentage once litigation becomes necessary. An attorney has several duties involving litigation, including preparing documents for court, taking depositions, researching legal issues, corresponding with you, witnesses, potential expert witnesses and the other side, making motions and preparing for trial.

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