According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 40 million people experience injuries traumatic enough to require medical assistance every year. Those injuries include things like car accidents, slip and falls, and even dog bites.

But what constitutes a personal injury that requires legal assistance? That is a question many people ask themselves after they get injured. They often wonder whether they need a lawyer or if they can handle the issue on their own.

Do you know when you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case? To find out more, keep reading our guide to personal injuries. 

You Are In A Car Accident 

On average, 20-50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries due to car accidents. Many of these road incidents happen due to other people’s negligent driving.

If you are in a car accident and experience physical injuries to your person or belongings, you might receive compensation. To ensure that your lawyer can get the highest settlement possible, you should do these tasks immediately following an accident: 

  • Call Emergency services
  • Exchange information with the other person 
  • Get the other person driver’s license and vehicle license numbers
  • Ask the officer for a police report
  • Photograph evidence of any damages to yourself, the vehicles involved or other personal items 
  • Ensure you have a document stating the date and time of the accident

After the accident, you should seek medical assistance right away. Not only do you want to ensure that you are okay, but your physician will also give you a medical report that your car accident attorney can use in your case.

It is important to note here that some people assume they are okay after a car accident because they don’t feel any immediate pain or trauma. Generally, this is due to adrenaline. Once the adrenaline wears off, you may feel pain or discomfort. If this is the case, go to a doctor right away. Sometimes it can take several days before you feel the full extent of the impact. 

You Experience a Slip-And-Fall

Slip-and-fall accidents that are worthy of a personal injury attorney happen in public spaces. You might walk through a grocery store and slip on wet tile.

If there is no sign warning you that the floor is wet, the store may be liable for negligence. Other slip-and-fall cases pertain to injuries sustained from poorly maintained sidewalks and any other fall leading to severe injuries. 

You Have a Dog Bite 

All dogs should be on a leash when off of their private property. However, many people do not adhere to this rule and allow their animals to run free under the assumption that they are friendly.

The problem is you do not know what a dog will do when they see a stranger. That leads to about 4.5 million dog bites every year.

If you experience an injury from a dog, then the dog’s owner is accountable. You can hire a Dog Bite lawyer to handle your case.

You Experience a Workplace Injury 

When you go to work, you don’t expect to sustain an injury. After all, even workplaces like construction sites should follow a strict set of safety rules.

A workplace injury includes things like: 

  • Faulty equipment 
  • Debris left on the floor
  • Wet floors
  • No markings to warn of dangerous work sites
  • Neglect of safety measures
  • No safety training

If you sustain an injury at work, take photos to document the scene and file an injury report. Your next steps should be to seek medical help and hire a lawyer.

After speaking with your attorney, you can determine whether your workplace is at fault or if a third party may be at fault. Before you do this, though, ensure that you followed the guidelines set by your business to ensure you are not the one at fault. 

You Experience a Wrongful Death 

You can hire an attorney if you believe a loved one experienced a wrongful death. Several factors constitute someone passing away due to another person’s negligence like:

  • Drunk driving 
  • Reckless driving 
  • Medical negligence
  • Workplace injuries

You should contact a Vancouver, WA wrongful death attorney to review your case and determine whether the death occurred due to the actions of another person or entity.

The Insurance Company Is Contacting You 

After a car crash, the insurance company may try to contact you. You may likely hear from the other person’s insurance company within the next few days following your accident.

The primary purpose for this call is to try to entice you to accept a low settlement amount to prevent you from seeking the advice of an accident attorney and finding out the full potential value of your claim. Before making a decision, you need to speak with an attorney. The attorney can tell you whether the settlement amount offered is reasonable or not. 

You Need Help With the Legal System

The legal system has many facets, all of which the right attorney is well equipped to handle. If you try to navigate a lawsuit on your own, you might feel stressed, lost, or confused about what steps to take next.

Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle civil cases and ensure you receive just compensation. They will assess your case and determine what the responsible party is liable for, special damages for medical bills and lost wages and general damages for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of daily living and activities. Managing all of that on your own will only add to your stress. It may be best to hire a lawyer to take care of any legal matters. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver, WA

As you can tell, there are several reasons to contact a personal injury lawyer. Lawsuits don’t pertain to just things like car accidents.

If you experience a slip-and-fall or any other traumatic injury caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer. They know how to navigate the legal matters and get you the settlement you deserve.

At Etengoff and Pak Law Group, we pride ourselves in handling personal injury cases in Southwest Washington, including Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal, as well as the greater Portland, Oregon area so that all you have to focus on is healing.

We hope this article helped you make an informed decision about a lawyer. If you feel it is time for you to reach out, then schedule a consultation with us today. We will answer any more of your questions and get you started on the road toward settlement.