Ways to Prevent Serious Personal Injuries from Our Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

Serious personal injuries can happen almost anywhere – at work, on the road, at home or at play. However, you can take proactive measures in order to minimize your risk of injury and protect yourself and others. Some of the following suggestions can fit in more than one category, but these act as a starting point for practical safety measures.

At Work

Employees need on-going training and education in order to minimize the risks of injuries and promote a safe work environment. Workers should also use protective gear whenever appropriate. If an accident does happen, they need to know how to address the problem. The company should also fully cooperate with and participate in the investigation as well. A detailed description of the incident can show where safety measures can be improved. If you were the victim of an on-the-job accident, our Vancouver personal injury attorney can recommend a possible course of action.

On the Road

For most people, wearing a seat belt is ingrained into them as small children. Avoiding the use of electronics has also been shown to save lives on the road. While prevalent public-safety ads warn of the dangers of impaired driving, motorists should be alert when they get behind the wheel. Defensive driving is a proactive measure that drivers can take to keep themselves and others safe. Talk to our Vancouver personal injury lawyer after a vehicular accident.

At Home

Knowing serious risks at home is the first step in improving home safety. Top culprits of injuries and fatalities include falls, fires, knives, poisoning, choking and suffocation. General organization and maintenance can go a long way toward preventing falls. Smoke alarms and emergency practices can cut down the risk of fire. Marking chemicals and keeping them out of the reach of young children can also effectively reduce accidents. Small objects should also be kept away from young children. Understanding the proper care and use of kitchen knives should be standard procedures when using these tools. If an injury happened when you were at someone else’s home, they might be liable. For more information, call our Vancouver personal injury attorney.

At Play

Every sport and even some hobbies have specific safety guidelines to keep participants safe. Wearing protective gear, playing with a teammate and common courtesy are beginning suggestions that even the youngest participants learn in league sports.

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