Vancouver Neck Injury LawyerOur Vancouver personal injury lawyer Loren Scott Etengoff knows that neck injuries are probably the most serious soft-tissue injuries resulting from an auto accident. There are several material case factors in an auto accident that can indicate the potential seriousness of a neck injury, even without a fracture, and the injuries can linger long-term in serious crashes. This extended injury potential can be a very important issue when your Vancouver personal injury lawyer is negotiating a settlement with the insurance carrier that is responsible for covering the personal injury damages resulting from the accident. Most insurance companies will request a future medical release with any settlement agreement, but that may not be the best decision with a neck injury.

Angle and Speed on Impact

The theory that speed kills is clearly true, but the angle of impact can also be very problematic in an auto accident. Many times a head-on collision results in less neck injury than a side-door crash because of the lack of protection from the vehicle. As personal injury lawyers Vancouver, the professionals at the Etengoff Pak Law Group understand that even low impact accidents can produce serious neck injuries when the passengers of the impacted vehicle are not braced for the collision. The “whipping” motion of the neck during the crash when the victim is caught by surprise is normally what causes the injury, and road conditions can also be a factor with side angle impacts.

Speed and Size of Front and Rear Vehicles

Accidents that occur in traditional traffic alignment can also result in very serious neck injuries when they occur at a high rate of speed. In addition, both front and rear vehicles can create enough impact even at reduced speeds to be enough impetus to snap the head either backwards or forwards for sufficient damage. The neck is well-documented as being one of the most vulnerable parts of the body and a commonly injured body part in most auto accidents. In addition, Vancouver personal injury lawyer Loren Scott Etengoff knows that gender can play a part in how much personal injury damage can result from an accident, as women tend to experience more significant neck injuries than men. Additionally, the head position of each occupant of the vehicle can be a major contributor to the seriousness of a neck injury.

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