wrecked motorcycle Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Any Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney understands that determining a damage value for non-economic pain and suffering can be a complicated task. All cases are different in value, and general damages for pain-and-suffering will vary. Compensatory damages are more readily totaled because they are quantified by financial documents. And, general damages caps are often tied to the special damages in many states. However, this does not make an injured plaintiff whole in many cases, and an experienced Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney like the legal professionals at the Etengoff Pak Law Group can make a significant difference when general damages are applied in an injury claim.

Comprehensive Medical Documentation

Medical records should reveal more than the financial charges for a treatment. The diagnosis and prognosis are very important parts of the medical record when your Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney is determining a fair case settlement based on the problems associated with a motorcycle accident injury. Medication records are also a good tool to assess the discomfort and loss of normal activity associated with an accident injury. Even a prior medical problem can be impacted by injury, and the additional discomfort and functional damage to the prior injury can also be assessed in the non-economic general damage calculation.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters always use devaluation of a pain-and-suffering monetary amount as the first line of defense in any claim. The discreet amounts associated with expenses are easier to settle on, but pain-and-suffering is the real subjective area. The better argument your Vancouver motorcycle attorney can make concerning the comprehensive long-term physical inabilities and pain an injured accident victim endures, the more compensation may be available when the case is finally settled.

Contact a Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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