Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Answers Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Vancouver Motorcycle Accident AttorneyA Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney can answer your questions about what to do in the accident’s aftermath.

Who Is At Fault If a Car Turned Left in Front of My Motorcycle Causing a Crash?

Your Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that in nearly every instance, the vehicle that makes the left turn will be liable for the accident if it is a crash with a vehicle that was heading straight in the opposite direction. An exception to this might be if the vehicle that was going straight was speeding or had gone through a red traffic signal.

When Liability Is Determined, How Does “Comparative Negligence” Factor In?

Through comparative negligence, the amount of fault for the drivers is calculated based on how careless or negligent one or both were. With a motorcycle, comparative negligence might be if there was something – a broken headlight or brake light – being wrong. This is especially significant if the accident occurred when it was dark.

Do Limits on Health Insurance Through Work or Amount of Sick Time Make a Difference?

A Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney will explain that it is irrelevant how you receive your health coverage or if you pay for it yourself. So too is it irrelevant whether your sick time or vacation time was covered. You should remember that your insurer might have the requirement that they be reimbursed should you receive an award or settlement for a portion or the entire amount that was paid for treatment.

What Is the First Step After a Motorcycle Accident?

One of the biggest mistakes that a person involved in a motorcycle accident will make is to sign an insurance form or admit to fault. Insurers will hope that an accident victim will do this to reduce the amount that must be paid in a case. Making certain to protect your rights to file a claim is paramount. Taking photographs of the injuries you suffered or damage your motorcycle sustained are also important. Retain copies of medical bills and records and keep track of all accompanying costs.

Is It Possible to Recover Damages If No Helmet Was Worn When the Accident Occurred?

A Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that it is the law that a helmet must be worn when riding. That, however, does not influence whether or not damages can be collected for not wearing one as long as the accident was caused by someone else. The failure to wear a helmet could influence how much is recoverable if the absence of a helmet was a contributing factor to the injuries you suffered.

Is There a Way to Know If a Helmet If Sanctioned by the State?

If the helmet says “DOT” on it, this will mean that there is a U.S. Department of Transportation label making it certified to conform to the safety standards under federal regulations. It will therefore be an acceptable helmet under the law.

Can the State Really Mandate That a Helmet Must Be Worn?

The idea of personal liberty and assuming risk for oneself has often come up in arguments as to whether or not the state should be allowed to order its residents to wear a motorcycle helmet. The courts have decided that mandating motorcyclists to wear helmet is within the rights of the states. This is based on protecting motorcyclists due to the state interests of doing so. It will also be part of controlling the cost of health care and insurance.

Is It Required That the Police Be Informed If There Was a Traffic Accident?

An accident that results in injuries, damage to property above a certain value, or a fatality will require that the police be notified. They, in turn, will fill out a report about the crash.

How Important Is Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident?

When there has been a motorcycle accident, getting legal help can provide a vast amount of assistance and information about pursuing a case, how much to seek in damages, and what possible problems there might be. Attorneys will know how to conduct an investigation, speak to witnesses, understand police reports, know the traffic laws, and have a grasp on medical issues.

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