vancouver car accident attorney Major Car AccidentIn this article, an experienced Vancouver car accident attorney examines the most frequently occurring types of injuries that people experience when involved in automobile collisions.

A Pattern Emerges

There are relatively few limits to the ways in which the human body can sustain injury in a collision, but through examination of the broad spectrum of accident reports, insurance claims filed and legal actions taken, your Vancouver car accident lawyer is able to discern a pattern.

Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries, internal injuries to the head and brain, are some of the most frequently suffered injuries in vehicle collisions. The sudden impact and subsequent lurch as the car is jolted can cause mild to severe brain trauma as the victim is thrown forward and back or from side to side, depending upon the direction from which the car was struck. If the victim’s head hits the steering wheel, side door panels, windows or other objects, the damage to the head and brain can be life-altering.

Cervical And Spinal Injuries

The neck and upper back are often the sites of injuries to car accident victims. The victim is violently jerked by powerful forces at the moment of impact, and may be thrown around inside the vehicle depending upon the circumstances of the crash. When the head snaps forward and backwards, muscles and tendons are strained causing whiplash or possible injuries to the vertebrae and discs. These injuries may occur in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar areas of the back and can be profoundly debilitating. Symptoms are not always readily apparent, and the resulting disabilities can be permanent.

Facial Wounds

Penetrating wounds caused by broken glass or flying objects can cause lacerations, broken facial bones and bruises, while impacts against solid objects such as the dashboard, steering wheel, door panel, windshield or other surface can damage teeth and cause breaks or dislocations in the jaw.

Emotional And Psychological Trauma

Not all of the wounds inflicted in a collision show up as cuts, bruises or broken bones. Even a minor accident is distressing, but a serious accident can be a terrifying event that leaves lasting emotional scars. It is not unknown for accident victims to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder symptoms and require counseling or other treatment.

Ask Your Vancouver Car Accident Attorney About Common Injuries

Auto accidents never cease to surprise in that even the smallest of fender benders can cause a slew of injuries, from minor to life-threatening. Talk to your Vancouver car accident attorney and watch this video to learn more about which car accident injuries are the most common.

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