Vancouver personal injury attorneyIndividuals who must submit an insurance claim after an accident may sometimes accept the reasons that insurers provide for denial, rather than fighting the issue with the assistance of a Vancouver personal injury attorney. While some of these denials may be proper, your Vancouver personal injury attorney can explain some signs that the insurer is making an invalid denial of your claim.

Failing to Cite to Specific Information

Your Vancouver personal injury attorney may first review the letter that you receive denying your claim. Here, your Vancouver personal injury lawyer may find that information is missing that probably should be included. Missing information may take the form of failing to cite to specific facts that are related to your accident, which may suggest a policy of blanket denials. It can also take the form of citing policy provisions that do not exist or do not pertain to your specific claim. it is important that you are represented by a Vancouver personal injury law firm that is experienced in litigating personal injury claims.

Citing Incorrect Information

Another sign that your denial was improper that your Vancouver personal injury attorney may warn you about is the insurer citing information that does not exist in your policy. Similarly, the insurance company may refuse to provide you with a copy of your insurance policy so that you can look for the provisions that it cites.

If you would like more information about signs that the insurer has improperly denied the claim, a Vancouver personal injury attorney may be able to help. We will carefully analyze your case and provide straightforward and compassionate advice. Contact an experience Vancouver personal injury lawyer from the Etengoff Pak Law Group at (360) 693-2919.