If you have been injured in an accident and plan on making a claim, you may want to hire an experienced Vancouver personal injury lawyer to help you get the most out of your case. Your personal injury lawyer will do their best to settle your case outside of court, however they are prepared to take your case to trial and through the appeals process if necessary. If your case does go through a settlement, trial, or an appeal, then there are a few facts that your Vancouver personal injury lawyer wants you to be aware of.


Often times your personal injury lawyer will attempt to settle your case outside of the courtroom. This will be a quicker process that will get your settlement to you faster as well. If your lawyer gives you a settlement amount that you are not happy with, you do not need to accept it. Your lawyer cannot accept any settlement without your consent. If you reject the settlement, be prepared because the case may then go to trial.


You, as well as the other party, have a right to go to trial if you choose. Witnesses will be called for both sides and give their statements for the judge and jury to hear. Any evidence in the case will be entered into the court for review. If you win the trial, you will receive your settlement within the time given. If you lose the trial, you are left with two options: give the case up or file for a new trial.


If your motion for a new trial is rejected, you can file for an appeal. An appeal court will agree to hear the case or not. They will not grant you a new trial, but instead look at the evidence and determine if there should be a change in the judgement.

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