The insurance company for the party responsible for the injury has no legal obligation to pay your bills as they are being incurred. They will only make payment on your bills and other expenses when your case is settled.  It is essential that you have a competent legal representation of Vancouver Injury Lawyer from the onset of your case through litigation.

Paying Vancouver Injury Lawyer

In the meantime, if there is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or med pay coverage on the car you were in at the time of the accident, your bills will be paid under that policy. Your PIP or med pay policy is primary and pays before the other person’s insurance company or your health insurance.

If you do not have PIP or med pay coverage at the time of the accident, or if this coverage has been exhausted, you may be able to submit your accident-related bills to your health insurance carrier. Most health insurance carriers will pay your accident-related treatment subject to the conditions of your health insurance policy, including referral, deductible, and co-payment requirements. Your health insurance company may be entitled to reimbursement from your settlement for any bills they pay.

If you do not have PIP coverage or health insurance, certain providers may agree to treat you and wait until your case settles to be paid. They usually file a “lien” against your settlement. This means that they will be paid out of your settlement proceeds at the end of your case.

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