Psychological testing may be requested in your personal injury case based on the nature of the injuries claimed. For example, a Vancouver personal injury lawyer typically sees such a request where the victim was subjected to some form of traumatic experience and the testing is done to assess his or her psychological functioning to determine if there is any psychological impairment as a direct result of the trauma. Although you typically cannot avoid undergoing the testing, how the test results impact your case can be critical.

Identify the Appropriate Test

Your Vancouver personal injury lawyer should ascertain exactly what test you have been asked to take and determine if that test is designed to screen for your condition. There are a myriad of different tests available, and you certainly have no interest in undergoing one that is irrelevant.

Understand the Common Standards

It is important that your lawyer has a basic knowledge of psychological conditions and can speak the language. For instance, is your condition cited in the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM-IV, as it is more commonly known? Is your lawyer familiar with the DSM-IV?

Do Not Rely Entirely on the Defense Expert’s Conclusions

Typically, after your evaluation, the defense expert will compile the results and write a report of his or her findings. It is entirely permissible and often extremely desirable for your lawyer to obtain the raw data from the tests and hire an independent expert to determine if the same conclusions as contained in the defense report are supported by the data.

Consider a Second Round of Testing

Additional testing may be considered if there are any questions regarding the manner and protocols followed in the defense testing.

Contact a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer for Legal Advice

Testing conducted by the defense is supposed to be independent and objective but often times favors the defense. Level the playing field and retain counsel that understands how to best present your case for a positive outcome. Call the Etengoff Pak Law Group for a personal injury lawyer Vancouver residents trust at (360) 693-2919. Mr. Etengoff and his team of attorneys devote all of their time to representing personal injury and accident victims.