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One of the most common types of injuries that a personal injury attorney in Vancouver will likely deal with in litigation is a soft tissue injury. In order to provide you with the most competent representation, your lawyer needs to understand the severity of your injury.

Medical Documentation

One of the problems surrounding soft tissue injuries is the less objective means of identifying them. However, you may visit your physician and be examined. Your doctor may also perform tests in order to better assess the nature of your injury. He or she may identify one or more of the following injuries:

Herniated Disc

One common spinal injury is a herniated disc. This injury occurs when one of the discs in the spine bulges because it is leaking. This type of injury can cause pain to the spine and may even result in nerve damage.

Bulging Disc

This injury occurs when the disc material leaks around the disc, causing a symmetrical expansion of the disc. Such an injury can cause severe pain.

Disc Degeneration

Over time, your disc may degenerate and shrink in height. While this type of injury may not form directly from a motor vehicle accident, it may start to arise after you suffer from one of the other types of disc injuries.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage may result as a secondary injury after a disc or other injury. This often occurs when the nerve is being compressed by the other injured portion of your body. In some cases, the injury is permanent as your personal injury attorney in Vancouver can explain.


Sprains occur when the ligament is stretched or torn. Sprains can commonly occur in motor vehicle accidents.


A personal injury attorney in Vancouver can explain that strains are similar to sprains. However, they are caused when muscle or tendon is torn, rather than a ligament.

Joint Injury

Another common spinal injury that arise in motor vehicle accidents is that of a joint injury. These injuries are noticeable because the surrounding area feels stiff, tender or swollen.

Legal Assistance from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver

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