Vancouver Motorcycle Accident LawyerThe kinds of accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles are becoming more common according to recent accident statistics. More riders are involved in accidents, many fatal, than ever before. Accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, such as other drivers’ negligence, dangerous road conditions, and even car doors against bike lanes opening unexpectedly.

Accidents Involving Other Vehicles

Three-fourths of accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles involve other vehicles, such as incidents in which the vehicle did not see the bike and turned into the bike’s path. Either the bike and car collide or the bike is forced off its path, which can lead to a crash. These accidents can often be avoided if the driver is more aware of his or her surroundings. Another type of accident involving other vehicles can happen when a person inside a vehicle does not see a bike coming and opens the car door. This can either cause the bike to crash or send the bike swerving off its path, potentially into traffic. Accidents can also occur when drivers make unexpected moves when pulling into parking spots. Other accidents might involve rear-end collisions in which cars and trucks hit bikes from behind. This can happen because the driver of the vehicle did not see the bike, but it can also happen when drivers lack awareness of their surroundings.

Single-Bike Accidents

Road debris, weather conditions, and other factors may lead to single-bike accidents, which are accidents that do not involve other vehicles. The police report usually puts the blame on the biker for these accidents even if the biker is not truly at fault. Dangerous road conditions can easily lead to a wrecked motorcycle or bicycle. Examples include grease spills, motor oil, loose or broken pavement and uneven surfaces. Pot holes are another serious hazard to bikers. Many of these hazards are difficult to see until avoiding them is nearly impossible. Chains and ropes drawn across trails can also lead to bike accidents. Some property owners put up barriers in the form of chains or ropes when they do not want bikers to ride on their land. Bikers often do not see these obstacles until it is too late, resulting in a wrecked motorcycle or bike and the potential for serious injury. Property owners who do not want bikes on their land must mark trails to warn bikers about any obstructions.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Help With Various Kinds of Accidents

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