Injury attorneys in Vancouver WA

Injury attorneys in Vancouver WA may warn you about various insurance company tactics. One such tactic is for insurance companies to say that you do not need the assistance of injury attorneys in Vancouver WA.

Reasons Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want Lawyer Involvement

There are several reasons why insurance companies do not want injury lawyers in Vancouver WA getting involved in a personal injury case. One strong reason is because the value of the claim inevitably increases once an attorney is involved. Additionally, the claim may be more complicated for the insurance adjuster to handle because the insurance adjuster must now deal with an attorney rather than a layperson. Also, the claim file may remain open for an extended period of time due to potential litigation.

Personal Reasons

Another strong reason why insurance adjusters do not want to deal with injury attorneys in Vancouver WA is because the insurance adjusters are often evaluated by their ability to turn over their cases. Their bonuses and ability to receive promotions may be based in part on their turnover rate.

Financial Reasons

If claims adjusters have too many claims at one time, the insurance company may have to hire additional personnel to handle this overload of cases. Once more employees must be paid, the profit margin for the insurance company declines. Even if this additional work can be outsourced to independent adjusters, the overall effect is a negative impact on the profitability of the insurance company.

Claims by Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters may provide several variations of the claim that personal injury attorneys are not needed. For example, the insurance adjuster may state that the claim will not increase in value simply because injury lawyers in Vancouver WA are involved. Alternatively, the insurance adjuster may claim that a personal injury victim will lose a substantial portion of his or her settlement to the attorney. The insurance adjuster may also comment that he or she is looking out for the best interest of the victim. Another excuse is that the claims process will be slow down once an attorney gets involved.

Strategies by Injury attorneys in Vancouver WA

Once you retain a personal injury attorney, he or she may take steps to get the personal injury victim away from such claims of the insurance adjuster. For example, your personal injury attorney might inform the insurance company that its agents should no longer speak directly to the victim and that any communication must go through the attorney.

Additionally, your personal injury attorney might advise you to cease any personal contact with the insurance company. If the insurance company requires a formal statement, your attorney can make sure that the statement is made under certain settings. Additionally, your attorney might ask if the insurance company adjuster made any statements to discourage the claimant from seeking legal counsel. If you would like to learn about whether the claims of insurance adjusters are accurate, contact the Etengoff Pak Law Group at (360) 693-2919. This individual will have the duty to protect your legal interests.