When working with your Vancouver Wa personal injury lawyer on your personal injury claim, there are several things you can do to help ensure that you get a fair settlement. In order to build a strong case, your Vancouver Wa personal injury lawyer will need your help with several items.

1. You will need to start a file for your personal injury claim. In this file you will need to keep the following:

  • A list of witnesses to the accident.
  • Correspondence between you and your personal injury lawyer.
  • Copies of all of your medical bills, paid or unpaid.
  • A list of prescriptions that you must take for your injuries after the accident.
  • Records of the wages you have lost from not being able to work.
  • Photos of your injuries, and if possible, photos of the item that injured you after the accident.

2. Do not discuss your case unless you are speaking with someone from your personal injury lawyer’s office or to your direct family members. Anything you say can be taken out of context and possibly used against you in court.

3. Keep good records of the time and wages that you have lost from work due to the accident.

4. Document your injuries with photos. Take pictures of your injuries, then continue to do so bi-weekly as they begin to heal.

5. Make copies of all your medical bills and prescription bills for your personal injury lawyer’s records.

6. Keep in contact with you lawyer and report any changes in your life that may affect your claim. Report a change of address, change in your marital status, a change in your employment status, or any other changes that may be relevant to the outcome of your case.

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