To ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible, you should be prepared to provide your Vancouver personal injury lawyer with various kinds of documentation, including your expenses, medical bills and loss of income from employment. Other ways in which you can assist your Vancouver personal injury attorney include:

  • Keep all of your medical appointments
  • Immediately inform your Vancouver personal injury lawyer of a change of address, any drastic changes in your physical condition, a new phone number or changes to your employment status or marital status
  • Promptly sign all forms as requested by your lawyer
  • Return calls from your Vancouver personal injury lawyer in a timely manner
  • Create and maintain a file of your lost wages, medical bills and other expenses associated with your injury
  • Take photos as requested by your Vancouver personal injury attorney and store copies and negatives until further notice
  • Be truthful and candid when answering questions posed by your lawyer
  • Read all letters and other correspondence from your attorney right away

Why are there So Many Forms to Sign?

By law, hospitals, doctors, employers and others cannot release personal information about you without prior signed and written permission. Formal authorization is required to release such information to an attorney, so he’ll ask you to sign various forms in order to work on your case.

Retain a Skilled Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Now

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