Being in an auto accident can be a scary situation. Trying to settle an auto injury claim can be even scarier. However, with you experienced Vancouver car accident lawyer by your side, the odds are in your favor. Often an auto injury case can go in front of a jury. There are four things that can influence a jury that your Vancouver car accident lawyer wants you to be aware of.

Four Factors that Influence the Jury in an Auto Accident Injury Claim:

  1. The jury will look at which driver could have prevented the accident. The driver who had more options to prevent the accident from occurring will be held at a higher standard than the other driver.
  2. The jury will take a look at which driver could have avoided the accident the best. The driver who could have avoided the accident the best is typically looked at as the driver at-fault by the jury. That driver may have had the power to prevent it from happening.
  3. The jury will want to hear what any witnesses to the auto accident have to say. The witnesses who were there are called eyewitnesses. The eyewitness can provide the jury with their account of what happened in the accident. If the jury is deadlocked when finding a driver at-fault, the eyewitness testimony may be able to sway the jury with their account.
  4. The jury will want to hear what the investigating officer has to say about the auto accident. The investigating officer’s testimony will hold a lot of weight with the jury. They will view the investigator’s findings as unbiased, as well as accurate. The jury will typically side with the description of the accident that the investigator gives to them during testimony. An auto accident can be scary but it does not need to be.

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