In a wrongful-death lawsuit, the courts have determined that several factors affect the amount of a potential settlement or award. A Vancouver wrongful death lawyer can provide you with additional information in your specific case.

The Age of the Plaintiff at the Time of Death

Generally, the younger the person was when they died, the longer their future in the work force and the greater their potential earnings. On the other hand, when a young person dies, it is difficult to tell what skills they would develop or what their future earnings would be. Older individuals have a work and earnings history that is easier to calculate. The responsible party will usually provide a conservative estimate while the plaintiff will be more generous. Our Vancouver wrongful death law firm can argue for the highest compensation.

Marital Status

Usually, the law only recognizes wrongful-death lawsuits from a partner if the couple is legally married. However, some jurisdictions consider common-law relationships and same-sex relationships valid especially if the relationship is recognized in their state. The insurance company usually has the final say, but, in questionable cases, they might compromise. Our Vancouver wrongful death lawyer might help convince the insurance company that settling a questionable case could be in their best interests. In unusual cases, more than one person could claim spousal rights. The insurance company would probably settle with one spouse but could offer a token settlement to the others to keep the case out of court. Contact our Vancouver wrongful death lawyer to help with your case.

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