Vancouver car accident injuries attorneyCar accident injuries are one of the more common types of injuries that people are likely to suffer in their lives. The amount of drivers in this country increases every year. In addition, technology has created numerous distractions that affect drivers on a daily basis. As a result, people are experiencing more car accident injuries than ever before.

Car Accident Injuries

More than two million people are involved in car accidents each year. These accidents can range from minor fender benders to traumatic collisions that result in total devastation. If you or a loved have suffered car accident injuries, you may be in need of an attorney. Insurance adjusters can’t always be trusted to get you the proper results. Attorney Loren Scott Etengoff has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you during this very traumatic time.

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are many injuries that occur when someone is involved in a car accident. Below are some of the most common types of car accident injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries

The worst car accident injuries are catastrophic and result in either death or paralysis. Below is a subset of certain catastrophic injuries that drivers may suffer:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI): While driving, the driver experiences head trauma due to the violent whiplash of the head being whipped back and forth and banging against something in the car, such as the steering wheel or head rest. The effects of TBI are not always evident initially. It is therefore very important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident in which you hit your head in any way. While some people who suffer TBI might die or show obvious signs of impairment, others will not. These people may not show signs of TBI until months later. There will be severe medical and rehabilitative costs associated with TBI.
  • Neck Injuries: Neck injuries can range from minor soft tissue injuries to serious nerve and spine complications. Some drivers suffer broken necks, which can result in death or paralysis. The most common type of neck injury suffered in car accidents is a herniated disc. A herniated disc will occur when the force of colliding into another vehicle causes the tissue in the vertebrae to rupture. This rupture causes the nerves to be inflamed. The inflammation subsequently causes severe pain and can lead to loss of feeling in your arms or legs.

Serious Injuries

While not as traumatic or dangerous, this category of injuries will cause severe pain and discomfort. If they are not treated, death is still a possible result.

  • Chest and Rib Injuries: Many people ignore the chest pain they experience after being involved in a car accident. That will end up being a painful mistake, as chest pains can linger and become worse with time. The chest pain could be as a result of broken or fractured ribs, internal bleeding and muscle strain. It could also be the result of a bruised sternum. Due to the risk of internal bleeding or severe bruising and strains, it is imperative that you undergo a medical exam if you injure your chest or ribs in a car accident.

Lingering Injuries

Not all car accident injuries are life threatening. However, the car accident injuries suffered will still be painful and life changing. The below list includes some less serious car accident injuries that can still put a damper on your life:

  • Knee Injuries: It is very common for the knee to strike the dashboard or steering wheel(if low enough) during the collision. The kneecap can shatter as a result of this type of blunt force impact. Sometimes, the knee may be bruised significantly. When these type of car accident injuries occur, you will need to attend vigorous rehabilitation to strengthen and repair the knee. Surgery might be required in some situations.
  • Shoulder Injuries: Shoulders are often injured in car accidents due to the seat belt. The top part of the belt covers one shoulder and can lead to the majority of the impact on that shoulder as a result. Shoulder injuries can range from complete tears that require surgery and extensive rehabilitation to strains that can make life very uncomfortable.

Car accident injury attorney Loren Scott Etengoff understands all types of car accident injuries and how to help you recover for the damage you have received due to the negligence of another driver.

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Being involved in a car accident is a serious matter. The physical and mental toll car accident injuries take on a person are devastating. If you or a loved one have suffered car accident injuries, contact attorney Loren Scott Etengoff today and let him help you with your recovery.