If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person or entity’s negligence, you may wonder how a Vancouver WA personal injury lawyer can help you. Litigation is quite complex, and a lawyer may be able to help through the following manners:

Investigation of Claims

A Vancouver WA personal injury lawyer begins a case by critically analyzing it. He or she may visit the scene of the accident to get a better feel for it. He or she may also look over documents or footage of the case, including police reports. He or she may also review your medical records to better understand how the accident affected you.


One of the greatest ways that a Vancouver WA personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you is by helping to negotiate a fair settlement for you. The insurance company’s job is to try to minimize the amount of each pay out. A lawyer has your best interests at heart and will try to increase the amount that an insurance company is willing to pay you to resolve the claim. A personal injury lawyer also serves as an important go-between for you and the insurance company. This may include the lawyer handling phone and mail communication with the insurance company. He or she may also send a demand letter to the insurance company for the damages that you have suffered. He or she may also provide documentation to the insurance company in order to support the claim.


Once the case proceeds to a lawsuit, it becomes more complex. Lawyers must submit certain pleadings to describe the circumstances involved in the case. They often complete discovery requests, asking for certain information from the other side in order to prepare for the case ahead of them. They may also complete and defend depositions before the trial takes place.

Legal Assistance from a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

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