Vancouver Personal Injury LawyerWhile under cross-examination, witnesses are often asked tough questions. In some cases, the questions are objectionable, but a Vancouver personal injury lawyer might fail to object or may choose not to. Sometimes, however, the question may be technically permissible or may be ruled appropriate by the judge. As a witness, you should be as prepared as possible to answer tough questions.

When it comes to handling tough questions while under cross-examination, the following guidelines should be useful.

Cross-Examination Rules

When multiple questions are posed at once, be clear about which ones you’re answering. Otherwise, request clarification.

Q: Do smoke tobacco or marijuana?

A: Yes, I smoke tobacco; no, I do not smoke marijuana.

Most likely, your Vancouver personal injury lawyer would object to this question. If he doesn’t and the question is too complicated to answer clearly as stated, it is smart and okay to ask for clarification.

You should expect to be asked leading questions, but don’t assume that facts used in the question are truly factual.

Q: How far away was your car from the defendant’s car as you approached the intersection?

A: A few car lengths or so.

Q: A car length is about 25 yards?

A: I am not sure what the average length of a car is.

Unfortunately, witnesses often agree to these kinds of statements simply because the lawyer implies they’re factual.

Be clear that you are providing an estimate when you do so.

Q: How far was your car from the other party’s car when you were stopped at the light?

A: The best estimate I can give is about 10 to 15 feet.

When you can’t provide a precise answer but can give a fair and honest estimate, do so. Just be clear that your answer is an estimate.

A skilled personal injury lawyer in Vancouver will guide you through these and other cross-examination pitfalls to ensure your time on the stand is as effective as possible.

Tips for Answering Difficult Deposition or Cross-examination Questions

Witnesses who testify during a deposition or at trial may be asked complex or confusing questions by the personal injury lawyer from the opposing side. These questions are sometimes asked in a manner that is meant to confuse the witness. Before your appearance, review the following 13 tips for answering hard questions in the courtroom. If you have further questions contact a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer.

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