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Etengoff Pak Law Group – Vancouver Personal Injury Attorney. The legal field of personal injury involves a wide array of circumstances that lead to an individual suffering physical and/or psychological harm. Whether stemming from an automobile, truck, bike or pedestrian accident, a construction site incident, a slip and fall, a dog bite or other fact pattern, each personal injury case involves the negligence of another party. In order to prove negligence, exceptional detail must be ironed out of each incident and presented in a way that helps the decision sway in your direction. To do this, you should consult a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer from the beginning of your case.

Approach to Practice

The Etengoff Pak Law Group has over 50 years of combined legal experience in the Vancouver area. The office is located in the historic Arnada neighborhood. Unlike typical Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers, the Etengoff Pak Law Group team has devotes their practice to personal injury cases. This is an important factor to many people as they choose legal representation. Another characteristic that distinguishes Etengoff Pak Law Group from other local law firms is the manner in how they conduct and practice personal injury law. The legal staff has a fundamental understanding that a personal injury case is not merely a legal matter but also a situation that greatly impacts the individual and their family.

The staff of Etengoff Pak Law Group will maintain regular and consistent contact with their clients during the entire case. Unlike some Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers, the staff provides high-quality representation to each client case. Etengoff Pak Law Group treats their clients like people, not numbers.

Settlement vs. Litigation

While it is true that the vast majority of personal injury cases do not result in a trial, often Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers will fail to properly prepare a case for litigation. Our firm’s approach is different. If we are unable to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement, the attorneys at Etengoff Pak Law Group will proceed to trial to seek the proper justice.

Insurance Companies

Most defendants in personal injury cases turn the matter over to their insurance company for resolution. Once client have retained our firm, however, they will no longer endure the burden of dealing with an insurance adjuster’s inquiries. Our attorneys will exclusively deal with all the insurance matters so our client may devote all of their time and energy to healing.

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Experience matters. With over 50 years of combined legal experience helping injured people recover their losses, the Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers at the Etengoff Pak Law Group can assist you with all your personal injury questions. (360) 869-0583.


Motorcycle accidents require counsel with specific legal knowledge and experience in motorcycle accidents. In addition, first-hand knowledge of exactly what it means to ride a bike can be a critical factor in understanding the full impact an accident has on the rider.

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Loren and his staff were very honest and professional with me. I had never used a lawyer before and was pleased at how smooth the entire process was. He kept me informed the entire way and was able to negotiate my settlement quickly with a great result. Thank you so much Loren!

Matthew Pryor

Loren Etengoff helped my daughter through a back injury sustained by a car that rear-ended her truck. He was there every step of the way; informing her of the progress and making sure she was as fully-recovered as possible before settling the case. She received enough money to compensate for medical expenses and time off work. I highly recommend Loren for his thoroughness and kindness.


I went to Loren Ettengoff’s office after being involved in a auto accident in which I was rear ended. Loren took on my case and immediately began working diligently toward a settlement for my husband and I. Loren kept me up to date and was very sincere and professional with just the right amount of edge to get the job done well. I trusted him and his associates and whoever he brought in on my case. He was very personable, sincere and kind. I highly recommend his services to anyone. He will surely put 110% into your case and what is helpful for you.


My husband was in a near fatal wreck and Loren came to the hospital so that he could sign Power of Attorney. In one of the worst living nightmares of my life, I could not focus on a single thing and Loren took care of all the details. When my husband got home from after care, Loren came to our house to take care of more paperwork. If I ever need an attorney again, Loren is the only one I’ll ever trust. I recommend his office to everyone.

Barbara G.

Hi my name is Serge. I got in to a very serious car accident, i had some problems regarding health wise, i took one lawyer that told me two weeks after the accident that i wont be left with anything and might be in dept. Luckily i met one off the doctors that recommended Loren Etengoff that took my case, in two months the case is well settled and im really happy with what he has offered and the results i have got. I strongly recommend Loren Etengoff to every one that is in a need of a lawyer. Good Luck!!!

Serge Kaminskiy